The Croix de Guerre


Croix de Guerre, the medal


The Citation was made in (French) Army Order No. 430 of 1st December 1918, signed by General Guillaumat, commanding 5th French Army, in commemoration of the exploits of the 8th Battalion The West Yorkshire Regiment (Leeds Rifles) at Bois de Petit Champ and Bligny, 20th - 30th July 1918,

The following is a translation of the original French:

"This Battalion d'elite, under the forceful command of Colonel Norman Ayrton England, from July 20th to July 30th, took a brilliant part in the heavy fighting that won us the Vallee de l'Ardre. On July 23rd, having cleared a path through the dense thickets of the Bois de Petit Champ, it captured a vital position despite continuous fire from enemy machine guns. On July 28th, 1918, with magnificent spirit it captured the Montagne de Bligny, strongly defended by enemy forces superior in number, and maintained the position in spite of heavy losses and the desperate efforts of the enemy to regain the ground."


The following account of the Award of the Croix de Guerre is reproduced by kind permission of the author who produced it specially for the commemorative events held on Bligny Sunday, July 16th 2000. To proceed to this account, just click on the Croix de guerre ribbon:The ribbon of the French Croix de Guerre, First World War

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