Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association

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Membership Form

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Forename (s)  	


Class of membership:
Ordinary membership is open to anyone who has served with the 
Yorkshire Volunteers or with one of the Territorial Army Units 
it succeeded or with one of its successor units. Associate members
must be proposed and seconded by Ordinary Members and must support 
the aims of the Association.
Ordinary Associate
Service details:Please click all relevant boxes.
Yorkshire Volunteers		1st Bn		
			2nd Bn		
			3rd Bn		 
			4th Bn		
Predecessor unit (state)	
Successor unit	(state)	
Other (state)		
Approximate dates of Territorial/Reserve service:
	From  To 
Service number     		
I wish to join the YVRA 	
My cheque (or money order) for £6.50 is following by post 
I will also send by post, or deliver by hand to my Branch Secretary,
two passport-type photographs 
I understand that I will not be allowed to enjoy any of the benefits of 
membership before my cheque is received by the Association's Secretary at 
the address below.

I wish to join Central Brancha local Branch
I wish to join this Branch 
(Members of some local Branches may pay a different annual
subscription to cover different branch activities.)
If you have any difficulty sending this form by direct e-mail, please print it off and post / hand it to the local branch secretary. 
Please note that all information obtained by way of this Membership Form is solely for the use of the Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association and will not be passed to anyone else.

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