Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association




Y. V.R.A  09/01/2016 Worsely Barracks York

Bullet points of meeting:


Chairman S.Major, Opened meeting commencing with one minutes silence.

S.M asked the committee to vote that the sum of £1.000 pounds be set aside for the 2017 week/end 

Pro/C.Stringer 2nd/Mike Campbell Ricketts

Unanimous vote from committee [to a.g.m.]


Reg Sec [temp]

Acceptance of October minutes M.C.R. Raised point on, access to as the information was unclear in the minutes *

No further issues raised.

Pro/I.Hutchinson 2nd/C.Stringer accepted by committee.


Reg Sec of the member’s .no complaints to date.



Castleford >Have supplied access to emails via I H PERSONAL I.T. SYSTEM [not taken up yet]


The branch has linked the Y.R.A .onto their letterhead.


Guisborough > ditto 


Halifafax > Informed the meeting that they would not be adding the Y .R A to .its letter head.


Huddersfield > C.Stringer explained that until he had attended the branch meeting he could not give a response to the 

Meeting and the branch would bring their decision to the a.g.m.

Keighley and Bradford >.Ditto




Rotherham >Ditto

Presented the committee that associate members of the branch who had given many years of service be given full membership 

Status /this received a unanimous vote at the branch,

Pro/   P.Berrasford                          2nd/E.Wood, passed unanimously by committee to go to a.g.m.


H Malam [gunner] handed raffle tickets to branch sec s for a.g.m.


York: ditto



 Halifax: Has their own standards 

Keighley and Bradford: Has their own standards 

 Leeds: Has their own standards 


Reg .Stan Bearer P.B.

                 In contact with    4th Battalion  Y.R.

re .loan of  1st Battalion Y.V.R. colours


R.L.O .M.B 

Explained that the Y.R. required confirmation from the the branches as to who are adding the Y.R.A. to their letter heads ,the reason being there is to be a public launch of the Y.R.A. from Tower Street .

M.B responding to the constitution indicated that due to past events it was the working document to the letter.

M.B.pointed out that as Huddersfield was an affiliated branch the constitution appears to indicate they can not vote at the a.g.m.

Reg Sec, asked M.C.R. is the constitution a legal document? Affirmative 

Reg Sec pointed out that it may give rise to custom and practice. [To be checked out]


Chair S.M. asked the committee to think about an association Xmas card [a.g.m.]


A.C. Halifax that their branch dinner 16th 9th 2016 at the Saddle Inn 


Chairman S.Major closed meeting 2010hrs 


Date and time next meeting     A.G.M.1800hrs [to be confirmed]


9th April 2016 Royal Hotel Scarborough 



Reg, Treasurer ,Ms E.Wood .

Reported that the regimental accounts stood at £5.08 .37 P



Drum Major D.Rimmer 

Presented the committee with the following information,

The band has been invited back to Windsor re H.M.Q and the Shrewsbury Tattoo

On a more serious note the band have been given notice to quit their base at Castleford a.r.c (army reserve centre)

Thirdly the numbers at Minster Day are falling and the band has to consider is it viable to carry on supporting the Service.

There maybe a possibility of a building or portacabin available for the band to relocate to. However need a response from band manager D. Stephenson for clarity. (AGM)

N.B the association may have to look at providing financial support towards the new accommodation for the band? Also if and when new quarters for the band are found there is a massive amount of equipment to be moved. I would hope that we have members prepared to assist in the move.


Dinner committee

Chairman .Tony Wootton Reported 2016 week end, Cost projection based on a hundred covers is estimated at £145.00?

2017 week end Pro forma is out, Prices estimated full w/e £170.00 pp Sat/night only £90.00 pp Dinner only £40.00 there is also a single supplement £20 .00.

C.S Asked are there any special entertainments been arranged T.W. not at present the band is £350.00 and disco £200.00



2017 Dinner:

C.S Suggested that we should look at a tie or lapel badge as a 50th anniversary memento, C S proposed 2nd M.C.R committee all in favour > to a.g.m. R.L.O. M.B. Informed the committee that the Y.R.A .would be a meeting.



ATTENDEES                                                                      Apologies:

S.MAJOR chair

E.WOOD treasurer                                                                  Col C.TATTERSALL .TD DL

J.McVeigh reg sec [temp]                                                                F. RICHARDSON

M.BRACEY [rlo]                                                                                     D. STEPEHENSON band

MIKE, CAMPBELL RICKETS .PR                                                        K. STEPHENSON band

A.CHARLSWORTH                                                                                D. CONNER

H.MALAM                                                                                               P. KARKOSZKA


D.RIMMER [band









Ditto = added    Y R A letterheads 

** MCB October minutes




Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association

President: Colonel C.J.Tattersall TD. DLL


5th November 2015

 For the attention of all Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association Members and ex members of the Regiment


 As a member of the Regimental Association Reunion Committee 2017, I am now in the process of putting together a mailing list of all Members entitled and who wish to attend the function set out below.

 As you are probably aware the Regiment, in 2017, will celebrate its 50th anniversary from formation on the
1st April 1967 and we would like to make the event one to remember for a long time to come.  To this end, I need your help to achieve this aim.

 Firstly, I would like to know if you are interested in attending this special occasion.  If so, would you please complete the attached form and return it to the Regimental Secretary at the address given below – or by email, if preferred -  at the latest by 12th December 2015, so that accommodation may be secured for all to attend.  A maximum of 160 places have been provisionally booked, which will include guests, who may also be invited to attend.

 With your help,  to achieve this number of attendees by the end of December, the Chairman of the Reunion Committee may be able to increase the total number of places with the Hotel.

Once this first stage has been completed, a letter from the Committee will follow in early January 2016, giving you more details.

 Thank you in advance for your help.





Regimental meeting 3rd October 2015 at Worsley barracks


- Regimental chairmen (cap) S major

- Regimental secretary Jim McVeigh (temp)

- Pete Beresford (standard bearer)

- Michael Bracey L.O. Liaison officer Yorkshire Regiment

- Tony Wooten

- Harold Malam

- P Kendall?

- Mike Campbell Ricketts

- M J Armstrong

- Ian Hutchinson

- Elaine Wood (Regimental Treasurer)

- C Stringer

- Dave Connor

- P Karkoszka

Chairmen one minutes silence


- (Col) C Tattersall

- A Charlesworth

- Paul Foster

- F Richardson

- A Bundy

- D Stephenson (band)

- K Stephenson (band)


Minutes of July meetings:

Reg. Sec went through the July minutes with those present and there were no items raised. Acceptance of the minutes was put to those present. Proposed by C Stringer, seconded by Mike Campbell-Ricketts. Voted for acceptance of minutes was accepted unanimously.

Presidents Report: not given

Matters Arising

-No matters arising from July minutes

Items from Chairmen:


Regimental secretary:

-Membership database. Reg. Sec explained why he wanted all association members’ email addresses. He explained that information wasn’t been communicated to all members concerned. He has received response from some but not all branches. E Wood interceded that Huddersfield Branch were quite happy to give names but not email addresses, as they didn’t want them to be given to the Yorkshire Regt. Reg. Sec responded: Under the Data Protection Act that only he would have access to these details.

-Assimilation of YVRA and YRA. Reg. Sec stated that he personally believed the association should just have the one letter head headed with the Yorkshire Volunteers and Yorkshire Regiment Association. However, having gone through the constitution it didn’t give the executive authority to impose one standard regimental letter head. Therefore, I strongly believe that for the greater good of the association that branches who wish to have an alternative title should do so. M.CR indicated that in effect branches could put anything on the head of their letters as long as it was within the law. The branches that submitted their proposed letter heads were; York, Castleford, Three Yorks Assoc. (Huddersfield), Rotherham, Executive note paper will be Yorkshire Volunteers and YRA.

The vote was proposed by C Stringer, seconded by H Mallam. Went to the vote, 13 for and 1 abstention. Awaiting Halifax, Leeds, and Guisborough. Ratification to take place at AGM in April 2016. TBC.

-Reg Sec. re: meeting in London 14th October. Agenda had been sent out to all branch secretaries of the YVRA. And that Reg Sec would be taking all submitted letter heads with him to London. Bearing in mind all antecedent representatives would be present i.e PWO, GH, DW. The minutes of this meeting have been since been distributed to other parties and branch secretaries.

PR Officer M.CR

-Raised issue that any members on Outlook could access the regimental website by clicking on a link. If anyone wanted further info they could contact him. (not sure about accuracy of this statement)

Report from the Chairman of Dinner Committee

-Hotel is booked for 2016 and 2017

-pro former, prices and menu are out for 2016

-Hopefully the sub group of the committee led by chairman consists of Col. C Tattersall TD (Guest List) P Berresford and Mick Bracey (colours to liase with RSM 4 Yorks) Re: Halifax dinner 2016 50th Anniversary 2017. H Mellam (logistics, pyros, ordinance, starshells only, no HE and no AP)

-Reg Sec needs to co-ordinate all members data bank

Regimental treasurer:

-Ms E Wood. Very brief report.


Report from YVR Band:

-Unable to attend due to concert.

Any other business

-Keighley branch asked what the protocol was for prize money won at the AGM raffle, mainly, who should receive the prize in the absence of branch committee members. This was raised because it appeared that there was a discrepancy from the total prize fund. A motion was put forward by Reg Sec that ‘in the absence of a branch officer or an authorized notary the prize money will be held by Mr Harold Mellam, Branch Secretary, Rotherham in his capacity as a dinner committee member.’ Proposed C Stringer, seconded by TW, committee vote was unanimous. No abstentions.

-Ms E Wood brought to the attention of the committee that the Huddersfield branch felt that executive members of the Regimental Committee should be awarded £50 per year for expenses. Both the chairman and reg. sec declined the offer, despite it being a very fine gesture. The Reg. sec highlighted that the RT and RSB should be entitled to claim for expenses due to the nature of their role. Mr M Bracey informed the committee that there was already an expenses claim form available within the association which could be completed by the claimant and reg. sec to sign.

-M.CR suggested this go to the AGM

Report from regimental liaison officer

-Reminder that the Minster service commences at 14.30 and not 15.00hrs.

-The regimental chairman gave his apologies as he was covering GHs event.

-Mick reminded members that he had updated the further events matrix and that was on the web with the Yorks Reg FOEs

-MB mentioned protocol for receiving and sending emails. Could people please respond in receipt of emails.

-When it comes to the attention of the association that a member has passed away if they could notify Mick Bracey or D Stephenson and they will put it on the regimental website.

Meeting was closed at 20.00 hours.

Date and time of next meeting: January at Worsley Barracks. Date and time TBC

Any discrepancies please let me know by email or at the next meeting.

Lady and gentlemen it has been, for want of a better word, a nightmare to extract essential information from the Dictaphone as it hadn’t captured conversations at the meeting very clearly at all. Therefore I would appreciate if someone could write the minutes by hand at future meetings. Thanking you all for your participation. PS. Any volunteers will be rewarded handsomely.



Moor the merrier as soldiers march to help our heroes

THEY’VE served their country, braving battle zones across the world, but a group of former and current military men have joined forces to complete a 26 mile charity walk.

The group, aged between 19 and 72 years-old have all served in Yorkshire Volunteers, C Company, 1st Battalion.

They left Halifax last weekend and walked 26 miles over two days across the Yorkshire Moors to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Their oldest member was former cover sergeant 72 year-old John O’Neill.

Andy Charlesworth, 48, completed tours of Northern Ireland, Germany and Cyprus during his 15 years in the army.

He teamed up with 50 year-old Phil Watson to organise their first charity walk three years ago.

The two former Sgt Majors hope their latest effort will take them over the £20,000 benchmark.

“We never thought we’d raise so much,” said Andy.

“It’s a charity close to all ex-military hearts. It helps all the wounded, and we’ve had a few of our lads who have been in Afghanistan which bring it home,” he said.

Andy’s youngest son, 21 year-old Luke has completed two tours of Afghanistan.

He was among the 34 walkers as they tackled the Yorkshire Moors along with serving member Gaz Roberts, who has served in Afghanistan.

Two years ago Andy and fellow Territorial Army veterans scaled the three peaks of Yorkshire – Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough – in a day then camped for the night to boost the Help The Heroes Appeal. Their challenge coincided with the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in the Second World War.

 YVRA has a Patron!

Dr Ingrid Roscoe, Lord-Lieutenant for West Yorkshire, has graciously agreed to become our Patron. She has regularly attended the Bligny Sunday commemoration in Leeds and made her first visit to our annual Regimental Service in York Minster in 2004

Leeds Branch Standard is dedicated.

Saturday 11th November 2006, Armistice Day act of Remembrance at the Leeds Armouries focused on our successor unit, the 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment. Leeds Branch, with their own Branch Standard, were honoured to represent the association and the Regiment at this event, joining standard bearers representing the other antecedent regiments, PWO, Green Howards and DWR.

Left to right  ~ The Standards of the Regimental Associations of the antecedent regiments.

Lee Halliday with the Leeds Branch Standard and Elvis Bundy   

16 June 2007 - Former Top Army Cadet Officer Honoured.  Colonel Tony Wilson, formerly Colonel Cadets at 15 (NE) Brigade, marked 49 years of Territorial and Cadet Force service when he was awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. Colonel Wilson joined the Territorial Army in 1958 as a Private Soldier in the 4th Battalion The Green Howards and spent the next twenty-four years moving around Yorkshire with The Yorkshire Volunteers until he ended this period as Commanding Officer 3 YORKS.  During his time in the TA he managed to serve in at least one of each of the antecedent Regiment affiliated Companies (GH, PWO and DWR).

In 1982 he took up a post at the local Reserve Forces and Cadet Association (then TAVRA), maintaining links to the regiment through the diners club and associations.  In 1992, he was 'gently' persuaded to join the Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF at Driffield, soon after becoming Commandant.  After four years he became ACF Advisor to the Territorial Commissioning Board at Chilwell.  He is currently preparing to move into his 50th year of service as Vice-Chairman at RFCA Yorkshire and The Humber with responsibility for Youth and Cadets.


Laying Up Yorkshire Volunteers Colours (12Dec10)[1].pdf