From:  Major (Retired) A Warriner MBE



Trinity Church Square

Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4QN





Tel: 01748 822133  Fax: 821924







Tel & Fax: 01748 826561












See Distribution                                                                                          7 January 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen







1.         Green Howards Sunday this year will be held on 15 May.  The parade will revert back to the normal format and it is hoped all Branches and as many Independent Green Howards as possible will attend.


2.         This letter gives full outline of the event.  Branches and Independent members are asked to return the attached reply slip to RHQ to assist with catering.  The Comrades Club has also been booked for the evening of Sat 14 May, as numbers arriving on Saturday are starting to increase.  




3.         Timings.


a.         11.10 a.m.  Parade assembles:


·         Assemble at Nuns Close Car Park.  Medals to be worn

·         All Branches and Independent members attending form up under the Parade RSM in two divisions, with the Standards in the centre in staggered file

·         The Association is briefed by GHA Secretary.  To include badge recipients

·         Parade Commander, Col Anthony Gaynor takes over command of the parade

·         Fall in the Officers’


b.         11.30 a.m.  Parade marches off via Wellington Place, Quakers Lane and Pottergate to the Regimental War Memorial at the head of Frenchgate in the following order:


·         Band, Parade Commander, Officers’, Marching Division 1, Standards and Marching Division 2.  Parade RSM at the rear

·         Eston & District Branch may not have a Standard, so as a newly formed Branch will carry the RHQ Standard.  The Standard is to be collected from the GHA Secretary at RHQ

·         A wreath will be laid on the Memorial and the Last Post and Reveille sounded.  The parade is then fallen out and proceeds down Frenchgate to Church


c.         11.55 a.m.  Standard Bearers form up at the front entrance of Church either side of the doors.  Association Members enter Church followed by Officers’.


d.         12.00 .a.m.  Church Service.


4.         Church and the Service.


a.         The Standards will be lodged at the Altar at the beginning and recovered at the end of the Service.  The Parade RSM will marshal the Standard Bearers.  Standards will be marched quietly to the Green Howards Regimental Slow March and leave to the Regimental Quick March.


b.         At the beginning of the Service, Canon Richard Cooper will read the Regimental Collect in front of The Green Howards Chapel.  The GHA Champion Standard Bearer will turn the pages of the Book of Remembrance.  A wreath will be placed in the Regimental Chapel by the Parade Commander.


5.         Ushers and Collection.  This will be carried out by members of the Cleveland ACF.  Details will be coordinated by Maj P Ralph.


6.         After the Service


a.         Standard Bearers form up at the front entrance of Church either side of the doors.  The Association leaves Church and forms up in Frenchgate, in the same order of march facing Dundas Street.  March along Dundas Street, Queens Road to Friary Gardens.  The Salute will be taken by the Representative Colonel on Queens Road outside the old Post Office building. 


b.         The parade will halt in Friary Gardens.  At this point there will be an address by Colonel Mantell and presentation of badges.  After the parade and formal photographs, refreshments will be taken in the Comrades Club.


7.         Returns.  It hoped to have a good turnout and for catering requirements, please submit returns/replies to RHQ at the earliest opportunity, and no later than Fri 22 Apr.  When submitting the return at page 3, will Branch Secretaries please make numbers as accurate as possible, including Standards, wives and partners?  For Independent Members with wives and partners, an email response will suffice.  For those intending to turn up for Saturday evening, please include numbers.




Green Howards Association


Branch Secretaries GHA                   

Independent Members GHA                                                             


Information (Less reply slip):


Canon Richard Cooper

The Revd John Chambers

To:       Secretary

            The Green Howards Association

The Green Howards Museum

Trinity Church Square


North Yorkshire

DL10 4QN


Please include wives and partners in your numbers and not just GHA Members.




1.         This Branch/Independent Member will/will not be attending.


2.         Our Branch Standard will/will not be on parade.


3.         Our approximate numbers marching will be..........


4.         Our approximate numbers attending (including those marching, wives and partners) for catering will be..........


5.         Numbers turning up for Saturday evening will be..........



Signed: ................................................................ (Branch Official/Independent Member)



Name: .................................................................. Branch: .....................................................................


Address: ..............................................................................................................................................



Email: ..................................................................................................................................................

Tel No: ...............................................................

Date: ……………………….................................






From: Wg Cdr A Bartlett(RAF)


Assistant Regimental Secretary


Regimental Headquarters

The Yorkshire Regiment

3 Tower Street




Telephone:        01904 461018

Army Network:   94777 8118

Email:                 rhqyorks@btconnect.com


All members of the Regimental Family                                             


                                                                                                x January 2016




1.         The Yorkshire Regiment Association Race Day will take place on Saturday 21 May 2016 at the York Race Course.  For the first time in many years this is a one-off event and is being held separately from the Regimental weekend, which for 2016 will take place in mid-June.  All members of the extended regimental family are invited and encouraged to attend Race Day 2016, which in addition to the fine-dining experience enjoyed by many in recent years, is offering a reduced price, general admission ticket.


2.         This letter gives details of this extremely popular annual event which is being held as part of the Regiment’s tenth birthday celebration.  It is anticipated that we can encourage even more members from all elements of the regimental family to attend and really put The Yorkshire Regiment and the antecedent regiments firmly in focus on Race Day.  This is not only an opportunity to have a great day out, but also to promote the presence and good name of the Regiment ‘at home’ in Yorkshire.


3.         The Yorkshire Regiment Association Maiden Stakes.  The Regiment’s sponsored race will take place at the Spring Meeting, on Saturday 21 May and is one of the most popular and prestigious events of York’s racing season.  For the first time, two levels of tickets are available to members of the regimental family, their relatives and close friends.


a.         Dante Ticket.  The cost of the traditional ‘fine-dining’ ticket includes admission to our private room (the Dante Suite) in the County Stand; a three-course lunch, cream tea and a large private balcony with seating overlooking the finishing post from where you can watch all the races.  The Dante Suite is in the County Stand, which is accessible by a lift and also has its own bar, tote facilities, rest rooms and all the races are televised. 


·         Cost.  The ticket price is £55 per person for members of the regimental family (that is, all members of the Regimental Association and their spouse/partner) and £70 for all other guests.  Both prices are subsidised and offer great value and are far less than you would pay if you were to book direct with the Racecourse. 

·         Availability.  These ‘fine dining’ tickets are always very popular and sell fast.  A number of tickets have been reserved for the three battalions and all other applications will be dealt with in order as they arrive in RHQ.  Initially, applications will be limited to a maximum of ten tickets per applicant with additional tickets assigned on an availability basis.  Tables are normally configured to seat 10 guests (12 by exception).


·         Dress.  A strict dress code applies in the County Stand and those attending are required to wear a jacket and tie and for those still serving, a regimental tie is preferred.


(b)        Knavesmire Ticket.  The new for 2106 ‘Knavesmire Ticket’ is priced at £20 per person.  This ticket includes general admission to the public areas of the racecourse, access to ‘The Yorkshire Regiment’ reserved bar in the Knavesmire Stand, a free race card, a free bet and a free first drink.  This reserved bar is feet away from the public viewing balcony overlooking the finishing straight.  Again this ticket represents good value as normal admission alone is £20.  There are several, attractively-priced restaurants and food outlets in and around the Knavesmire Stand.


·         Availability.  A limited number of Knavesmire, discounted tickets are available and are sponsored by the Regiment.  They are primarily intended for serving soldiers, their families, other members of the regimental family and a small number of friends only.  Accordingly, tickets will be limited initially to 5 per applicant, but with additional tickets assigned on an availability basis.


·         Dress.  Although the Knavesmire ticket requires no dress code, it is normal for everyone attending race day including members of the general public, to look their best and enjoy the party atmosphere.  It would be appreciated if all members of the regiment could wear a jacket and tie.


(c)        Event Timings.  For those of you who may not have attended Regimental Race Day before, the main gates open at 1115 and the Dante Suite (fine-dining) and Knavesmire (public) Stands will open at 1130.  Lunch in the Dante Suite will start promptly at 1230 and the first race is normally around 1400.  The Yorkshire Regiment Association Maiden Stakes will be the fourth or fifth race on the card and will start around 1600.  Prior to the race, the Colonel of the Regiment will judge the best prepared horse in the parade ring and afterwards award prizes to the winning trainer and jockey.  The winning horse will be led into the winner’s enclosure by serving YORKS soldiers and the prize-giving is well worth attending and supporting.  The Regimental Band will entertain race-goers from the main bandstand throughout the day and are always pleased to see other members of the Regiment.  The day ends at around 1800 (but the bars and restaurants stay open).




3.         Booking.  All those wishing to attend are advised to book using the attached form.  By booking early you will be allocated tickets and confirmation can be ensured by early payment, preferably by cheque.  In turn, you will receive written confirmation of your booking and tickets will be dispatched by post at least one week prior to race day.  Other arrangements can be made for the Battalions, or any other large groups by negotiation.  Nearer the event, an update will be sent out to all those with confirmed bookings.  In order to book your tickets, please complete the attached reply slip, together with a cheque covering the cost, to RHQ by Fri 01 April 16. 



4.         We look forward to seeing you at York racecourse for what will be a very enjoyable start to the Regiment’s tenth anniversary celebrations.




A Bartlett



Wg Cdr (Retd)

Asst Regt Sec

Ext 8018











1.      In accordance with Part B, para 3 c. (2) of its Rules, find attached the 2016 Annual Report of The Yorkshire Regiment Association, comprising:


a.               The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.


b.               The Financial Statement and Benevolence Report.


c.               Details of any other business undertaken by the Executive Committee and Board.


d.               Regimental Forecast of Events.







Wg Cdr





1.   AGM Agenda.

2.   Financial Statement & Benevolence.

3.   Executive Committee Business.

4.   Forecast of Events.









1.            Welcome & Opening Remarks                                               Chair


2.            Apologies                                                                                Sec


3.            Minutes of the Last Meeting                                                  Sec


4.            Matters Arising                                                                       Sec


5.            In Memoriam                                                                          Regt Sec


6.            Forecast of Regimental and YRA Events                              Chair


7.            Reports of the Committee:

            a.         Chairman’s Report                                                      Chair

                        (i)  Taking the YRA Forward

                        (ii)  YRA Branch Updates

                        (ii)  YRA Events Update

b.         Secretary’s Report & YRA Communications             Sec

            c.         Finance Officer’s Report                                            Sec

            d.         Benevolence Report                                                    Sec

e.          Antecedent Association Updates                               Assoc Reps


8.            Election of Officers                                                                Chair


9.            Battalion Updates                                                                   Bn Reps/ Regt Sec

10.          Any Other Business:

a.          York Army Museum & Heritage                                Sec

b.         Recruiting Update                                                      Regt Sec

c.          Other Matters                                                              Chair


11.          Date of Next Meeting                                                             Chair





1 MARCH 2015 TO 5 MARCH 2016









Regt Grant 2015


London Meeting




2016 AGM Lunch














To support the launch of the rejuvenated YRA, The Chairman YRA invited the Regimental Board at their December 2015 meeting to contribute the sum of £10,000 to fund future YRA activities.  This was unanimously agreed and the monies will be broadly apportioned as follows:





YRA Badges



Branches x 7

Op Costs £200



AGM Event



Major Event



Minor Event x 3



Administration & Documentation



YRA Standards







*AGM is invited to consider and approve the YRA financial plan





Around £106,000 has been ring-fenced for benevolence in 2015/16, of which £65,856 has so far been granted to 194 cases, a slight decrease on last year (£72,314 granted to 258 cases).  The loss of a battalion’s worth of ODPS continues to influence the amount available which is made up from £68,000 ODPS and £40,000 of investments.  The Regimental Benevolence Committee continues to apply a degree of rigour in ascertaining the true ‘need’; for award of regimental benevolence.  In addition to ODPS, an additional amount of £16,000 has been raised this FY towards the Benevolent Trust (a decrease from last year which raised £26,000).






The most recent Executive Committee met 9 September 2015 and discussed several matters which were elevated to the Regimental Board meeting on 4 December 2015 for further consideration. 


The key strategic issue facing the Regiment is how it might emerge post-SDSR; it is too early to comment as yet because not enough detail is known, but the Board remain closely involved so that it can react to plans as they are being developed.


Officer Recruiting – recruited 8 in 2015 (quota) and on target for 2016; 1 young officer has successfully competed SF Selection.


Soldier Recruiting (Regular) – reached just over half our target two thirds of the way through the recruiting year.  There is a plan for RHQ to lead on operational planning and direction for soldier recruiting; 1 YORKS are currently at 89% deployability; 2 YORKS at 80%.


Soldier Recruiting (Reserve) – 4Bn is the best recruited Res Inf Bn in the region; Stockton Road (Middlesbrough) looks set to be retained as an ARC; recruiting remains the preserve of CO 4 YORKS.


Recent Successes:


·           1 YORKS key achievements included winning Army RL again; reaching ¼ Finals of Army football.


·           2 YORKS key achievements included Gold Medal on the Cambrian Patrol; successes in Equipment Care and on Ex Joint Caterer (Champions); they were back participating in sport and were otherwise busy through to the completion of CT4.


·           4 YORKS key achievements included a successful Annual Camp at Lydd; a third Defence Engagement tour in Uganda; selection for an overseas ex in Australia in 16.  Alma Coy were moving from Mona House to Halifax Barracks and work was on-going in partnering 2 YORKS.


The Regimental Board agreed to allocate funding to support the revitalisation of The Yorkshire Regiment Association.






YRA Re-Engagement Launch


21 Jan

Merchant Adventurers Presentation Night


11 Feb

Yorkshire Regiment  Rugby Trophy Final

Doncaster RFC

13 Feb

YRA AGM & Reunion

Worsley Bks, York

05 Mar

Sedbergh 10s Rugby


19-21 Mar

Fellmongers Presentation Night



Yorkshire Volunteers Reunion


08-10 Apr

Sovereign’s Parade


15 Apr

GH London Lunch


22 Apr

DWR Officers’ Lunch

Wellington College

30 Apr

Army vs Royal Navy Rugby


30 Apr

GH Sunday


15 May

Yorkshire Regiment Association Race Day


York Racecourse

21 May

Yorkshire Regiment Roses Match



Crepon 20th Anniversary


04-06 Jun

Yorkshire Regiment Formation Day


06 Jun

Inter Services T20 Cricket



Yorkshire Regiment Board Meeting


17 Jun - a.m.

Yorkshire Regiment Trustees Meeting


17 Jun  - p.m.

Yorkshire Regiment Officers’ Dinner


17 Jun

Yorkshire Regiment 10th Anniversary Pde


18 Jun

Waterloo Day


18 Jun

PWO Imphal Day Lunch


19 Jun

Yorkshire Regiment KAPE Tour


20-25 Jun

Armed Forces Day

South Yorkshire

25 Jun

National Somme Centenary


01 Jul

Somme Centenary Drumhead Svc & Reception

Huddersfield ARC

01 Jul

Yorkshire Volunteers Somme Centenary Tour 


02-08 Jul

2Lt DS Bell VC National Paving Stone


05 Jul

Great Yorkshire Show


12-14 Jul

Bligny Sunday


17 Jul

Yorkshire Regiment Golf Day

Forest Park GC

29 Jul

Yorkshire Day


01 Aug

Sovereign’s Parade


12 Aug


Worsley Bks, York

03 Sep

Regimental Somme Centenary


09-11 Sep

Yorkshire Volunteers (1st Bn Colours) Anniversary)


17 Sep

PWO Officers’ Dinner / Sgts Dinner Club


30 Sep

PWO Reunion


01 Oct

2Lt H Kelly VC National Paving Stone


04 Oct

GH Reunion


14-16 Oct

Yorkshire Volunteers Minster Day

York Minster

15 Oct

Remembrance Match

Leeds Utd FC


Remembrance Match

Middlesbrough FC


Field of Remembrance


10 Nov

Remembrance Day Pde


13 Nov

GH Officers’ Dinner



Sovereign’s Parade


16 Dec

King’s Div LE Lunch


09 Dec




20 Nov 15


The Yorkshire Regiment Association - Update


Following on from the actions arising from our London meeting, I thought I would update you on how things are progressing in ‘Taking the YRA Forward’.


In terms of the new ARC-based branches, we are in the process of appointing interim Chairmen for the ARC’s that come under the auspices of 4 YORKS in order to get the establishment of the new, YRA branches underway.  I am also in early discussion with the RSMs on setting up branches for the two regular battalions.  It is my intention to meet with all nominated branch chairmen and the RSMs before the end of the year to formulate and agree a plan on how we will move forward.


As mentioned at the London gathering, I intend to convene a YRA Working Group and the first meeting will be on 14 Jan 16 in BHQ 4 YORKS, Worsley Barracks, York, at a time yet to be decided.  The purpose of the YRA WG is to provide a link between the YRA and existing associations and attempt to improve communications across the regimental family.  This WG will provide antecedent associations with the opportunity to collaborate in the implementation of the YRA and to gain a better understanding of our intent.


You will recall that I invited nominations from the antecedent regimental associations and it would be appreciated if one person can be nominated from each association to attend in the first WG in January.  I have already had Mick Bracey volunteer from the Yorkshire Volunteers.  Clearly, these positions will evolve and nominees may change, and I will develop a set of TORs and responsibilities for the WG in due course.  The first meeting is simply to have an open and frank discussion on what is happening in the first part of 2016 and to put some details onto the regimental forecast of events and specifically, the YRA events commencing with the AGM on 5 Mar 16. 


If practicable, I would be grateful if you can let me know who your WG association nominee is by 19 Dec 15.  If at the WG meeting you are in position to let us know which, if any of your branches are willing to add the Yorkshire Regiment name to theirs, it might help us to collectively shape the footprint of our regional branches.


In the intervening period before Christmas, we will also send out a message to the regimental family explaining what the YRA initiative is all about and a ‘press launch’ is planned for 21 Jan 2016 in the York Army Museum to inform the wider, external audience. 


Thank you all for your time and continued support and I wish you and your members all the best for the New Year.



23 November 2015


Exciting News for the Yorkshire Regiment Association (YRA)


As The Yorkshire Regiment approaches its tenth anniversary in June 2016, the Regimental Board has launched a new initiative to: ‘Take the YRA Forward’.  So why now and what does this mean? 


We estimate that there are around 4000 men who have served in the Regiment since its formation in 2006, but few if any of our own ‘Yorkshire Warrior’ veterans have joined the associations of our founding regiments; The Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire, The Green Howards, The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment or, the Yorkshire Volunteers.  This new YRA campaign will attempt to make contact with our own YORKS veterans, those who have recently left and todays serving soldiers, in order to establish just who and where all our ‘Yorkshire Warriors’ are and then make sure that we keep in touch with them and include them in the activities of the YORKS regimental family.


In the towns across the region where we have active Army Reserve Centres, we will establish local branches of the YRA as well as two, serving ‘Battalion Branches’.  This will mean that the YRA plans to establish active groups in Barnsley, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Sheffield and York, and also in Warminster (1st Battalion) and Catterick (2nd Battalion).  Our antecedent regimental associations are also considering adding our name to their own.  This will allow us to build on what already exists, but not all associations or branches are ready to do so.


As well as creating an active community of YRA members and branches, the YRA will hold two or three major events each year.  We will also use planned YORKS events such as Freedom Parades and Armed Forces Days to hold ‘pop-up’ social events across the region, especially for those who may not live close to a YRA branch.  By using the power of the internet and social media, we hope to bring together an active association that will promote comradeship, look after the welfare of the regiment, as well as preserving its name and traditions into the next decade.


We invite all members of the regimental family, past and present, to watch out for more news and information over the coming weeks and months.  To enquire or to volunteer your services in your local branch please contact: yorksassociation@btconnect.com, visit: www.yorkshireregiment.com, or call RHQ: 01904 461019.








Regimental Headquarters

The Yorkshire Regiment

3 Tower Street




Telephone: 01904 461018

Army Network: 94777 8118

Email: yorksC2comms@btconnect.com

See Distribution                                                                   2 November 2015


  My apologies for having left it so long before thanking you for your time and effort in attending what was a very important meeting (Taking the YRA Forward).  I very much appreciated your inputs and the level of representation and I hope Alan got the minutes to you in a timely fashion and I think you will agree that they were an accurate reflection of the outcome. 

All of the inputs from the regimental associations were both valuable and important and will enable The Yorkshire Regiment to get a feel from the ‘antecedents’ on how we might move forward as an inclusive, regimental family.  At the end of the day, it is our combined responsibility to safeguard our regimental future as well as honouring your individual regimental histories, customs and reputation.

 The outcome from our London meeting has helped the Regiment come up with a plan for the future of the YRA and in this short note I have attempted to provide you with a brief summary.  However, it is still early days and more information will come out between now and the YRA AGM/Reunion on 7 March 2016.  I will also be putting my proposals to The Yorkshire Regiment Board before Christmas.

 First, it is our intention to start up several YRA branches located in the Army Reserve Centres that we occupy with 4 YORKS across Yorkshire and the North-East.  Currently, we are looking at branches in Middlesbrough; Hull, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley and Huddersfield, and one inside or outside the wire, in both Catterick and Warminster. 

 Secondly, we will attempt to re-connect with the 4000 or so soldiers who have left the regiment since 2006.  In January 2016 we will contact this potential YRA membership pool and inform them of the locations of these new branches and the YRA events that we have planned for 2016, starting off with the AGM/Reunion in March.  At the same time, we will commence a dialogue with the serving soldiers through the Bn RSMs and the chain of command for the creation of two ‘battalion branches’.  Future YRA membership will embrace serving regulars, reservists, veterans and existing members of all of the antecedent associations.  We will welcome all members and their families to the YRA and will use social media and the internet to advertise our branch meetings, as well as a series of ad-hoc, ‘pop-up’ meetings wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.

The door remains open to any antecedent association and branch that would like to add The Yorkshire Regiment title to their own and it would help everyone if their names locations and points of contact could be added to the distribution list when we pass new branch details out to the potential membership pool.  Clearly, we will also have opportunities for new Branch Chairmen, Secretaries, and Committee members and we will be inviting people who are interested in bringing the YRA to life to contact us, so I would be grateful if you can get this information out to your existing members.

Before the AGM in March I hope to convene a meeting of the YRA Working Group, so can I also invite you to appoint someone to represent the views of your individual associations to the YRA, before Christmas or early in the New Year. 

 Finally, thank you again for your cooperation and support, it has been invaluable in helping us to move the YRA forward.  I see a great future for our soldiers, both the old and the bold.  I will ensure that you are informed of any further developments and you can anticipate some major communications announcements in mid to late January 2016.


P Ralph

Major (Retired)

Chairman YRA


 President PWO Assn              Col (Retd) KA Peacock MBE

Chairman GHA                       Col (Retd) RC Mantell MBE

President DWR Assn              Brig (Red) AD Meek CBE

President YV Assn                  Col (Retd) C Tattersall TD DL

RHQ                                       Regt Sec

C2 Comms (YRA Sec)

AHQ(S)                                   Asst Regt Sec


 Col Regt

Dep Col Regt

Hon Col Army Reserve







Merchant Adventurers Presentation Night York 11 Feb
Yorkshire Regiment Rugby Trophy Final Doncaster RFC 13 Feb
YRA AGM & Reunion Worsley Bks, York 05 Mar
Sedbergh 10s Rugby Sedbergh 19-21 Mar
Sovereign’s Parade RMAS 08 Apr
Fellmongers Presentation Night Richmond TBC
Yorkshire Volunteers Reunion Scarborough                      8-10th Apr 08-10 Apr
GH London Lunch London 15 or 22 Apr
Army vs Royal Navy Rugby Twickenham 30 Apr
GH Sunday Richmond 15 May
Yorkshire Regiment Association Race Day York Racecourse 21 May
Yorkshire Regiment Roses Match Headingley TBC
Crepon 20th Anniversary France 04-06 Jun
Yorkshire Regiment Formation Day 06 Jun
Inter Services T20 Cricket Lord’s TBC
Yorkshire Regiment Board Meeting RHQ 17 Jun - a.m.
Yorkshire Regiment Trustees Meeting RHQ 17 Jun - p.m.
Yorkshire Regiment 10th Anniversary Pde Catterick 18 Jun
Yorkshire Regiment Officers’ Dinner Catterick 18 Jun
Waterloo Day 18 Jun
PWO Imphal Day Lunch York 19 Jun
Yorkshire Regiment KAPE Tour Yorkshire 20-25 Jun
Armed Forces Day South Yorkshire 25 Jun
National Somme Centenary 01 Jul
Yorkshire Volunteers Somme Centenary Tour  France 02-08 Jul
2Lt DS Bell VC National Paving Stone Harrogate 06 Jul
Great Yorkshire Show Harrogate 12-14 Jul
Bligny Sunday Leeds 17 Jul
Yorkshire Regiment Golf Day Forest Park GC 29 Jul
Yorkshire Day 01 Aug
Sovereign’s Parade RMAS 12 Aug
Regimental Somme Centenary Contalmaison 09-11 Sep
Yorkshire Volunteers (1st Bn Colours Anniversary) Halifax 17 Sep
PWO Officers’ Dinner / Sgts Dinner Club York 30 Sep
PWO Reunion York 01 Oct
2Lt H Kelly VC National Paving Stone Manchester 04 Oct
GH Reunion Middlesbrough 14-16 Oct TBC
Yorkshire Volunteers Minster Day York Minster 15 Oct
Field of Remembrance Westminster 10 Nov
Remembrance Day Pde Cenotaph 13 Nov
GH Officers’ Dinner London TBC
Sovereign’s Parade RMAS 09 Dec
King’s Div LE Lunch York 09 Dec





23 Sep 2015

Col Regt

Dep Col Regt

Association Presidents

Association Chairmen

Regt Sec



1. In readiness for the meeting of the regimental associations on 14 October 2015, this paper has been prepared as a basis for further discussion and comment. Please note that it is not for general release. Col of the Regt will preside.

2. Proposal. ‘To take the YRA Forward’ and focus our collective attention on the present and the future, whilst continuing to acknowledge the achievements and needs of the past.

3. Recommendations

a. Confirm the conditions of membership of the YRA.

b. Establish an active YRA Committee.

c. Identify and connect with the [potential] YRA membership pool.

d. Partner with antecedent associations –name, geography, communications and membership.

e. Commemorate historical and recent events- improve attendance.

f. Embrace all elements of the regimental family – improve moral component.

g. Develop an enhanced YRA and antecedent events calendar.

h. Improve internal and external YRA (and antecedent) communications.


4. Objects of the YRA.

a. To promote the efficiency of the Regiment by fostering esprit-de-corps, comradeship and the welfare of the Regiment and establishing and preserving its traditions.

b. To make recommendations, as necessary, to the Yorkshire Regiment Benevolence Committee, in order to provide relief, either generally or individually, for members of the Association or past and present members of the Regiment, and their dependents, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

5. Meeting the Objects. The process that enables regimental benevolence is well established and works. It is essential; however, that the primary object of the YRA should address the aspirations of today’s soldiers and also fulfil the needs of those who have left and of our veterans. This suggests that the following needs to be considered:

a. Membership. Currently, is automatic, all-encompassing, but not widely known or understood:

Membership needs to be more visible and obvious

Need to understand the needs and wishes of today’s soldiers.

Need to look at both a virtual and a physical element to membership.

Need an active (virtual) Committee – Serving RHQ/AHQ/Antecedent

Need to establish active branches – Barracks and regional.

Need to partner with antecedent associations – short-to-medium term.

b. Increasing the membership pool. Embrace those who have left YORKS and those who are currently serving (total c 4000-4500)

Encourage serving personnel to join – physical, evidential act.

Contact all service leavers, post 2006.

Promote the name and increase the visibility of YRA.

Preserve and promote regimental history through the museum, events and ceremonies.

Partner with antecedent associations - short-to-medium term.

c. Tradition and Esprit-de-Corps.

Celebrate legacy traditions and commemorations.

Create new traditions/commemorations - Iraq/Afghanistan.

Improve YRA support to existing commemorative events.

Improve YRA support to antecedent social events.

Introduce YRA Social events.

Need visible membership – badge/tie/social media & other.

d. Mentoring and Support Network. Ensure that there is sufficient awareness of what is already available and expand in the long-term.

Promote locations of existing branches and contact details.

Short-to mid-term - antecedent associations and branches encourage YORKS - re-name as joint, YORKS organisations.

Long term – establish YRA (inc antecedent) venues/meetings.

Improve YRA social media presence.

Use AHQs as regional YRA focal points.

Embrace all elements of the regimental family - not just veterans.

Conduct – YRA events:

o AGM.

o Reunion – focused or general.

o Open/Family Event - employment//housing/education/benefits.

o Build on existing FOE – Races, Sport, and Commemorations.

e. Communications. Improve communications from the [new] Committee in order to improve awareness of YRA:

Use YRJ to promote YRA.

Introduce additional publications/media?

Improve YRA social media presence.

Improve comms between Associations.

Shared Association FOEs.

6. Challenges. The proposal to take the YRA forward is predicated on a perceived need, but complicated by a rearwards focussed heritage and further constrained by a non-contributing membership scheme. Before adopting some or all of the recommendations the following should be considered:

Do serving or recent service leavers want to join and attend Association events?

Is the pool of YORKS- service leavers (c4000-4500) big enough yet?

Is there a demand for YRA venues and events?

Can YRA be enabled ‘in-barracks’?

Is YRA funding available and accessible?

The readiness of antecedent associations to embrace change.

7. Opportunities. The tenth anniversary of the Regiment in June 2016 appears to be a good opportunity to re-focus our collective attention on the present and the future, whilst continuing to acknowledge the achievements and needs of the past. This entails looking at what a future regimental association will look like. Will it be a virtual membership that meets on an occasional basis, or will it be founded on the principles of the existing associations, with geographic branches, reunions and physical meetings, or maybe a hybrid of the two. In supporting the initiative to ‘Take the YRA Forward’, the opportunity for the antecedent Associations, is to preserve their existence, membership and name into the next decade and beyond.



Wg Cdr



From: Wing Commander A Bartlett

Regimental Association Secretary

Regimental Headquarters

The Yorkshire Regiment

3 Tower Street



Telephone: 01904 461018

Army Network: 94777 8118

Email: yorksC2 comms@btconnect.com


Regimental Association(s) 20 October 2015




Present Maj Gen GJ Binns

Brig AT Jackson

Col KA Peacock

Col RC Mantell

Brig AD Meek

Col CJ Tattersall

Lt Col DRE O’Kelly

Lt Col T Nicholson

Maj B Cawkwell

Major P Ralph

Maj T Warriner

Mr J McVeigh

WO1 (ComdSM) P Simms

Wg Cdr A Bartlett

Col Regt & President YRA

Dep Col Regt

President PWO Association

President & Chairman GH Association

President DWR Association

President YV Association

Regt Sec YORKS

Editor Iron Duke

Chairman PWO Association

Chairman YRA

Secretary GH Association

Regt Sec YV

Comd SM

Secretary YRA


Discussion and Decisions












Opening Remarks

In his capacity as Col Regt and President of the YRA, Maj Gen Binns welcomed all those attending and recognised the significant achievement in convening a meeting of the key representatives from each of the regimental associations for the first time since the formation of The Yorkshire Regiment in 2006. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the proposal to ‘Take Forward the Yorkshire Regiment Association (YRA)’, the details of which had been circulated before the meeting in the RHQ-produced discussion paper (Attachment 1).

The timing of the proposal coincides with the forthcoming tenth anniversary of the formation of The Yorkshire Regiment. This anniversary provides a timely opportunity to shift focus onto the YRA and in particular to address the needs of those who have served in both the antecedent regiments and YORKS; those who have left YORKS since 2006 and, those who are serving today.

Currently, the YRA exists in name only and the Regimental Board considered that it was time to address the aspirations and needs of those who had left the regiment and those who will leave during the next decade. This is the beginning of a long journey.

Maj Gen Binns suggested that unlike the regiments and battalions of the past, today’s soldiers tend to put down roots in the locations where they leave the army and they also communicate in different ways. As a consequence they might not necessarily be attracted to fixed, geographic associations, or seek a physical affinity with a specific branch or attend structured meetings. Therefore, in progressing the tabled proposal, the meeting was encouraged to consider all options and possibilities available to enable and support the initiative. The main aim of the meeting was to elicit opinion and support from the antecedent associations on how best to progress the proposals outlined in the paper.




Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies.




For the purpose of clarity, all those attending outlined their responsibilities and roles.  












Taking the YRA Forward

The Chairman of the YRA (Maj Pat Ralph) was invited to lead the main item for discussion.

a. Overview – Pat Ralph opened by emphasising that the antecedent associations and those serving today share the same battle honours, regimental histories and heritage. There was much to commend a combined, joint approach to ‘Take the YRA Forward’. He accepted that since its formation, The Yorkshire Regiment had not yet addressed the needs and desires of the 4000 or so soldiers who had left the regiment and who may be looking for the camaraderie that membership of an association could provide.

In terms of the YRA, he accepted that this was only the beginning of a long and difficult journey and the intention was not to compete with antecedent associations, but to partner with them. However, he also suggested that declining numbers within the antecedent organisations could be bolstered by the addition of new members, thereby ensuring the longevity of the associations. His personal aspiration was to reach an agreement to re-name the existing associations and branches in order to build on the structure and governance that already exists and to provide an established, geographic base for new [YORKS] members to associate with. Notwithstanding the accepted difficulties that adding the name of The Yorkshire Regiment would create for the antecedent associations, he also reiterated the YORKS Board direction to get on with establishing an active YRA membership and to stage new events and activities in 2016.

b. Naming of Associations and Branches – Each of the antecedent associations was invited to comment on the proposal to add the name of The Yorkshire Regiment to its title. All considered this to be a premature proposal, which could have a potentially negative impact on the current governance arrangements and [healthy] membership of the antecedent associations. Whilst the YV welcomed the need for change and the majority of branches were willing to accept the idea of re-naming, a blanket proposal across the antecedent associations remained unacceptable. However, all recognised the need for an evolutionary approach to the question of partnered, jointly named organisations in the future.

The Comd SM had spoken with several soldiers who, if offered the opportunity to gather at a jointly named event or meeting, would probably attend. On the other hand, it was unlikely that they would be attracted to antecedent-only events, even though all associations would welcome their presence. It was accepted that a small number of YORKS veterans had already attended some antecedent association events.

Col Ken Peacock (President PWO) recognised the merits of a common re-naming initiative, but before taking such a significant step, he suggested that it was important to first consider the needs of the three categories of potential YRA members. This included those who have served in one of the antecedent regiments and YORKS; those who have left YORKS since 2006 and those who are serving today. This was a key theme echoed by those attending, who generally preferred an evolutionary approach.

Col Clive Mantell (GH) had consulted with other regimental associations on the subject and many other regiments were facing similar, evolutionary challenges.

Mr Jim McVeigh (YV) fully supported the need for change and after some deliberation, had encouraged several branches to support the idea of re-naming as had one local branch (Hartlepool) of the GH.

Maj Byron Cawkwell (PWO Chairman) supported the need to understand the needs and wants of the serving fraternity and to have some sort of direct contact with them before re-naming could be supported.

c. Transition to ‘Joint’ Associations - Brig Meek (DWR) introduced the idea of having regional, combined events which might provide the basis for further ‘jointery’. The Duke’s London Branch gatherings and the Green Howards Officers’ dinner were both examples of activities that might morph readily into joint association(s) events. Even so, the meeting recognised that there may be pockets of resistance at branch level which might limit the art of the possible.

The GH had already approached 2 YORKS at Catterick with a view to holding more joint events and this was an ongoing theme that all antecedent associations were happy to support and encourage. This included association(s) attendance at YORKS regimental events as well as serving personnel attending the more significant antecedent regimental commemorations.

Based on his past experience, the PWO President suggested an association(s) visit to a serving battalion would also be an idea worth exploring.

d. YRA Membership – Pat Ralph rehearsed the all-encompassing nature of YRA membership which, nevertheless, had not helped to create an identity, or identify a core of active YRA members, especially from YORKS. The actions outlined in the paper to connect with this significant number of personnel would be followed up in due course, as well as holding an identifiable meeting or reunion which would appeal to a younger cadre of members.

He also appealed to the associations to consider the nomination of an antecedent association representative in support of the YRA Committee. The possibility of antecedent advice and support to a WG tasked with ‘Taking the YRA Forward’ was also mooted.

Importantly, the meeting agreed that Commanding Officers (and RSMs) had a responsibility to ensure that those leaving the regiment were aware of the network of association(s) available to them. However, all recognised the age divide which may be an underlying factor in preventing an immediate re-naming and merger of the YRA with the antecedent associations. From experience it appears that ex-soldiers re-connect in their 40s and 50s and the PWO thought that new members had recently surfaced and attended the October annual reunion.

In considering how to attract the younger cohort, the use of ad-hoc or pop-up social events and the idea of an operationally-themed event were suggested in place of structured, committee led meetings or ‘sit-down’ events.

Brig Meek (DWR) suggested that the YRA and antecedent associations should meet the perceived multiple need with multiple activities and events. He also suggested that by marketing events as ‘veterans’ events, it might encourage better attendance and in the longer term make the re-naming convention more palatable to association members.














































































































Chairman YRA














Chairman YRA













Yorkshire Regiment Forecast of Events

Regt Sec highlighted several events on the regimental FOE (Attachment 2), which are open to antecedent, association attendance and support. Associations were reminded that they are welcome to attend YRA events and to be aware of the revised regimental weekend plans for 2016.

In considering how to encourage newer members to participate, the following ideas were discussed as potential YRA-branded events:

·1 Army Navy rugby – tickets, transport and beer tent

·2 Cricket Event – tickets, transport and beer tent

·3 Golf events – to be inclusive not exclusive, new trophy?

·4 York Races – transport and a dedicated all ranks bar

·5 YRA ‘reunion’ event possibly coincident with the AGM

·6 YRA to capitalise on KAPE Tours and Freedom Parades

·7 Pre-planned and ‘pop-up’ YRA pub meets

The meeting also discussed the possibility of a joint, major effort at the Cenotaph in 2016 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the regiment. This was agreed and the Regt Sec would investigate.












Chairman YRA






Regt Sec

6. Association(s) Events 2016

The associations outlined their plans for 2016 and welcomed and encouraged serving personnel to attend as well as YRA ‘veterans’.




The next YRA AGM will take place at Worsley Barracks, York on Saturday 5 March 2016. The Chairman suggested that this might also be an opportunity for a suitably themed meeting or re-union and he would investigate the available options and ensure that antecedent associations received adequate notice of the outcome.


Chairman YRA








8. Communications

The YRA Sec summarised the existing methods of communicating YRA and wider regimental family activities:

·1 YR Journal – the six-monthly journal provides the means to report information, but is not the best means of conveying news or reaching YRA or antecedent members, unless they subscribe.

·2 YRA Web-Site – whilst in an older format, the web-site contains a great deal of information. It would benefit however from close co-operation with the antecedent association, particularly for news and events.

·3 YRA Facebook – Recently taken under control by RHQ and being used to convey news and promote events – great potential for further redevelopment. Full exploitation requires training for RHQ/AHQs
















·4 E-Mail. All agreed that the use of e-mail to reach a large number of members in short space of time, was the preferred means of communication, supplemented by social media. To be effective, however, it was important that RHQ understand who to send information to in the antecedent associations. It was then down to the antecedent associations to distribute messages accordingly. RHQ would contact each of the associations to agree designated points of contact.

·5 RHQ Database – Continues to be refined but relies on regular updates from the antecedent organisations.

The database will also be used to capture the names of all those who have left YORKS since 2006 and attempt to contact them and establish an active core of YRA members. RHQ to contact the antecedents to ensure coherence and enhance the database with a list of those who leave the regiments.

Importantly, all endorsed the use of e-mails and social media especially as the mean to reach the younger cadre of members. In addition, it was suggested by Ken Peacock (PWO) that a mail-shot newsletter would help reach those who did not subscribe to the YRJ or use social media. The Regt Sec agreed to re-introduce a newsletter covering current ops and association affairs in the intervals between the YRJ.















Comd SM







Regt Sec

9. YRA


The YRA Chairman informed the meeting that his annual budget of £1000 would be insufficient to support the planned initiative and that he would be submitting a case for additional funding to the YORKS regimental board in Dec 15.

The Regt Sec proposed that any request for funding for Adventurous training and sport coming from the serving battalions, addressed to the antecedent associations should be re-directed to the RHQ in the first instance. This was agreed.

Chairman YRA




10. On-Line Memorial Book

The Regt Sec briefed the meeting on the availability of an ‘on-line’, interactive Book of Remembrance to complement those held in Regimental chapels. This enables relatives and friends to visit the site and leave messages of condolence. He informed the meeting that individually the cost was probably prohibitive, but a joint effort between YORKS and the antecedents would cost each regiment £350 and an additional annual charge of c£350. The site was already being used for those lost at Jutland and the associations(s) were invited to look at the site, consider the idea and provide a response to the Regt Sec before Christmas.








11. AOB

No additional items had been notified.



Maj Gen Binns summarised the outcome of the meeting and reiterated that going into the meeting there had been no expectation of how the proposal to ‘Take the YRA Forward’ would be received. Although the debate had gravitated to the thorny question of re-naming the antecedent associations and their branches, it was incumbent upon The Yorkshire Regiment Board to bring substance to the YRA, ten years on.

Notwithstanding the understandable intransigence from some quarters and generally lukewarm support from others, the need for an evolutionary approach was understood and accepted by all. Therefore, a small working group led by RHQ will be tasked with taking forward the recommendations outlined in the paper. The WG will be invited to submit a refined proposal for Board consideration in December 2015.

As a minimum, we will look at establishing YRA branches in Catterick and Warminster as well as making contact with the large number of potential YRA members and also hold some specific, YRA-branded events in 2016.

In moving forward, the support and advice from the antecedent associations would be appreciated and welcome; however, the Regimental Board intends to drive through those actions necessary to put in place an active YRA that will have the potential to take us into the next decade and beyond.

Finally, he thanked everyone for their attendance and valuable contributions and recognised the significance and importance of what had been brought to the table in what could be considered, a challenging, but successful meeting.