Major Peter Allen

Regiment: 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Volunteers, Medical Officer

(Born 12.7.38 Died 23.11.2013)

Peter was born in 1938 in Leeds. As a young boy during the Second World War, his father was serving with the Royal Tank Regiment.

In 1947, his family moved to Bridlington returning 5 years later to Leeds when he was 14. Peter did very well at school and gained a scholarship to read medicine at Leeds University.

Whilst at University he joined Leeds University Officers Training Corps as an Officer Cadet. Whilst he was there, he discovered a talent for shooting; became a marksman and joined the shooting team. As an Officer Cadet he even competed nationally at Bisley. Peter achieved a regular commission in the Royal Army Medical Corps and became a Second Lieutenant for his last year at University.

Peter met his future wife Patricia during his time as a Houseman, and they were married in December 1964. Sadly he passed away only 19 days before their 49th wedding anniversary.

Peter’s first posting was as the Regimental Medical Officer or RMO to the Welsh Brigade Depot for a year. He was then posted to Germany serving 3 short tours in quick succession. After leaving the Army he took up a new role as a GP in Scunthorpe 1967. Being a fairly rural GP practice, he had to adapt to his patients ways and recommend either the pink or the green ‘tonic’ on display in large jars at the surgery, to those who required their restorative properties!

Peter and his family moved to a new GP Practice in Ossett in 1969. He very soon became the senior partner. Perhaps his fondest achievement in his 21 years there, was the building of the practice’s new surgery. Peter was a leading light of Wakefield’s Local Medical Committee and also became a Clinical Assistant at Leeds General Infirmary’s Back Clinic, as well as carrying out his normal GP and Obstetric duties.

He joined the TA in 1972 into the newly formed 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Volunteers at Huddersfield as the medical officer. He was a stalwart of the shooting team, despite in later years arriving slightly later on the firing point than the rest of the team in a shooting match, but he would still knock down most of the targets before them.

After retiring from the TA in 1997, Peter busied himself with his many hobbies, including his jazz collection and genealogy. He also enjoyed spending time with his family out in Australia and in the UK.

Peter was a respected professional, in both his roles as a doctor and in the TA. Most importantly of all he was a loving husband and a much loved father and grandfather. He was generous in his friendship, his support and his love for his friends. He will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

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